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YOGA PHILOSOPHY CORNER is a brand new online programme designed to give you an understanding of key tools yoga has to offer to help you fill the yoga skills gap and navigate life.   Over a 3 month period with a group of like minded individuals you will set off on an exploration of yoga and its teachings.     What’s sets this program apart from other programmes is that no mat is required.  The program is based on discussion and the sharing of ideas. However, if you have a mat practice this program can only enhance your asana practice.   You will be learning philosophy of yoga and how you can apply it to your life to make lasting positive change.  You can share your learning and experiences with the community, supporting and inspiring each other to apply yoga to everyday situations.   I have spent years studying yoga philosophy at depth and I can tell you the teachings have brought lasting change to my life.  I know you will benefit from it too! DETAILS Covering key elements of The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras to support the most common obstacles we find in our way. When do you find yourself in one of these states and how can the teachings of yoga philosophy support you in managing them?   You will receive a hand out outlining the concepts of the month, follow up emails with prompts on how you might apply the philosophy throughout the month.  The last session of the month will be an open discussion session where you can share experiences and points of view.     WHERE Zoom - The recording link will be sent to you after the session and you will have access to the content forever.  There will also be a PRIVATE ONLINE Community contained securely within my website where we can chat and share experiences in between sessions. No Social Media necessary!   WHEN August, September & October.   ALL SESSIONS LIVE 11AM-1PM (UK Time) SAT 24th Aug 2024 SAT 31st Aug SAT 7th Sept SAT 28th Sept SAT 5th Oct SAT 26th Oct 2024

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Yoga Philosophy Corner

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Yoga Philosophy Corner Summer 24

Yoga Philosophy Corner Summer 24

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