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Many of us started attending Yoga classes because of the physical practice, usually driven by the desire for a “Yoga Body” and/or increased flexibility.  When I started Yoga I was unaware of the vast history and philosophy underpinning our mat practice.  In truth, the practice of Yoga and its aims go far beyond what we do on our mat. 


The rich practice of Yoga is about understanding/connecting with our true Self and how we interact with the world around us rather than achieving postures on a mat.  Learning and applying these philosophical concepts can lead to a far richer and meaningful yoga practice.  Applying yoga philosophy principles can transform life on and off the mat.  In short, understanding yoga at its depth can lead to increased self awareness, which hopefully enables us to live life with as much grace and ease as is possible.

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Beautiful Golden Om Healing Energy - Female healing hands reaching up towards a soft focus

Living Yoga - On & Off the Mat

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