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Master Class: Tuesday 16th April


You’re in a yoga class and you hear, “There’s more to yoga than just the poses.” So naturally, you wonder, what is this “more” that all of these yoga people keep talking about?


Or you’ve heard, “Take the yoga off your mat, and into your life.”


You think to yourself, does that mean? Am I supposed to drop into Child's Pose in the supermarket on a busy Saturday afternoon or whenever I find myself frustrated because my toddler won’t eat vegetables?

 It can’t be that, it must be that “there’s more to yoga” thing again, right?


You’re left without a sense of clarity. You keep finding yourself thinking, what is this “more” and where do I find it? You’ve been practicing on your mat for a while now, but the reason why and how your mat practice translates into your daily life beyond just your body feeling better feels unclear and confusing.

Most people end up signing up for a yoga teacher training to find that elusive “more” and to really learn the philosophy behind the practice techniques like poses, maybe you’ve even considered that. But what if you don’t want to teach? What if you simply want to learn the basic philosophical teachings of yoga so that they’re clearer and can have an even more profound impact on your day-to-day life?

Wouldn’t it be great to learn what yoga really is so that when you hear someone saying “there’s more to yoga than just the poses” you can think to yourself, ahhhhh….yes….I know what they’re talking about?


This is exactly why I’ve created "What Is Yoga?" An online offering for yoga practitioners who are looking for yoga on and off the mat. And it’s open for enrolment now!


There is a way to engage with your mat practice and the deeper teachings of yoga all at the same time. You can open yourself up to the more that yoga has to offer and still get on a mat and move your body. You can access the deeper teachings of yoga and apply the tools to your life on and off the mat.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how profoundly impactful it can be to get clear about what yoga is, how it works, and what the yoga tools are in full. I couldn’t have imagined the benefits in my wildest dreams when I started out.  The impacts and benefits of using yoga’s tools won’t just be found on your mat alone, but in everyday situations like when you’re frustrated with work, setting boundaries with your teenager, or when you are out socially and find yourself feeling your buttons pushed - how do you react? Why do you react? The applications in everyday life are endless.



As you can imagine, the subject of yoga is VAST! The aim of this Masterclass is to clarify yoga as a concept, to look beyond the trends and misconceptions and truly have a clearer appreciation for yoga as a practice.


Once completed, you can begin to be able to reframe your practice. Why do we practice, what is the point? What are the poses teaching us? Ultimately laying the foundations for a deeper, more integrated and personal practice.


The session will be fun and informal because I can’t teach any other way.


Here is a summary of what we will cover on the day:


  • Common misconceptions about Yoga

  • Why do people actually come to Yoga

  • What is yoga?

    • A brief History of Yoga, including an overview of styles, trends and myths

    • Definitions of yoga

    • A brief synopsis of key yoga texts (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & The Bhagavad Gita)

    • The Kleshas: A key insight into our mind and psychology as written in the Yoga Sutras.  We will be investigating our reactions to the world around us.  This is my favourite nugget of yoga philosophy and I use them everyday in my life!

    • How we can take these teachings into our practice in the studio and in life.



DATE & TIME: Tuesday 16th April 11am-approx 12.30pm.


WHERE: ZOOM.  If you can’t make it live the recording will be sent to you afterwards to enjoy for 14 days.



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