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No expectations on the mat is a lovely notion, but ... 


I understand how important it is to find an experienced, well trained and dedicated Yoga Teacher.  Becoming a Yoga Teacher is a commitment not only to your students, but to your continued growth as a practitioner and teacher.  The Yoga industry has changed almost beyond recognition in the years that I've been teaching.  There are more teachers now than ever offering different styles and methods.  I thought it was important to share a bit about myself so that you can get a clearer understanding of my teaching style. 

Through my years of practice I've expected so much from myself on the mat.  I'm lucky to be a fit, strong and physically able bodied woman in mid-life.  When I started my Yoga journey I fully expected to be able to put my leg behind my head and master "advanced" poses just like the those pictured in the Yoga publications I poured over.  Why not?  The reality was very different.  I practiced/trained to find that it just wasn't happening. Not one to give up, I decided to delve deeper...

As I embarked on more in-depth training on Teaching Technique, Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy, I soon learned that I needed my personal practice to be kinder and my teaching to be more inclusive. I finally understood that the postures I was able to perform on the mat had nothing to do with an advanced yoga practice.  Dedication to healthier movement, further study of the philosophy and deepening self inquiry - that's Yoga.  Yoga at its roots is not about achievement on the mat, but aims to increase self awareness, understanding ourselves at a deep level so that we can move through life's ups and downs with as much ease as possible.  Yoga is about evenness of mind.

My aim as a Yoga Teacher is to help you feel empowered and uplifted.  You should feel free to have fun and, quite literally go with the flow!  The body we inhabit is a wondrous thing! Look how far it has got us! Don't be ashamed of it, don't expect, just shine! 

I vary my class content to keep things fresh, but so that you feel comfortable I do try to keep the format similar. Classes are based on the vinyasa model, but with some real changes to accommodate more functional and inclusive movement patterns.  So in my classes you will work with your natural mobility.  Yoga Philosophy underpins classes, always coming back to why we practice.

If you want to practice beyond the boundaries then join me!!  You don't need to be flexible and if you can comfortably get up and down off the floor, then you are welcome to come and have a go.   Any questions, just CONTACT me through here!


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