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Let's hear from Vicky's students ...



"Vicky is the best yoga teacher I have ever experienced and has put so much effort into continuing to teach during the current pandemic.


Everyone is worthy in Vicky’s class, no one is treated differently because they wobble in balances or can’t manage poses and she offer lots of alternatives if you struggle.


I was embarrassed, overweight and incredibly inflexible when I started her classes and, whilst I am still a l’il chunky, Vicky’s incredibly welcoming teaching style gave me confidence in yoga and her patience helped me master poses I never thought I could.


She has significantly helped my mental and physical health and is 100% the reason I love yoga. If you are thinking of starting to practice, I cannot recommend a more chilled out and dedicated teacher and I cannot express how much she will help you in both body and mind."

- Leah

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