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Where’s the “Love & Light”? Why does it have to be so hard?!

I love these words from the book Untamed by @glennondoyle. So much so, I feel inspired to post!

In the yoga world in which I live you will often hear platitudes, like ‘Love and Light”. In all honesty, to hear these words sometimes makes me want to yell, “Get real!” What’s it supposed to mean? Is life supposed to be constantly filled with unicorns and rainbows? Sugary and sickly sweet?

Now more than ever, we are under so much pressure to have the perfect life. The perfect family, prefect career, perfect body and the perfect yoga practice. Social media provides a distilled, filtered, and a snapshot view through a rosey lens, of what life should be.

It’s easy, and all to understandable, to feel the weight of life. Why is it so hard? To quote directly from the book, “If you are uncomfortable - in deep pain, angry, yearning, confused - you don’t have a problem, you have a life.” Making the tough calls, doing the hard stuff - this is you making a conscious choice to do life, to live it, to change for the better! It’s a good thing! The alternative is to sit back in blissful ignorance, pretending everything is rosey, avoiding the tough calls. Letting it all pass you by.

I don’t feel depressed by this quote, I feel uplifted. Motivated. It’s hard because I’m trying to make it right. I can see a better way, and I damn well want to shoot for it! I’m working at it. Trying to be a better Mother, Friend, and Yoga Practicioner - a better human! Living my life!

What do you think? Have you ever felt weighted by the tough stuff? Let me know, I’m genuinely interested!

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Exactly Allison! Growth isn’t easy. Standing back and doing nothing as a community/ society is especially relevant now!


Yes yes yes! Your words resonate with feeling that we are empowered by life’s challenges rather than disempowered by them. We need to see these challenges as opportunities to grow as individuals, collectives and society and not be paralysed into inaction by a society that tells us “you can’t make a difference”: we all can!


David, I totally agree! Thanks for commenting! The good stuff comes from doing the work and that work is not always on the mat.


Oct 08, 2020

This blog post resonates with myself Vicky, there's so much pressure from society to live your 'best life' which personally I believe creates more anxiety; a more fitting term 'perfectly imperfect' should be reinforced as that's where beauty lies in nature and relationships. The world would be dull if it was perfect.

Is it always simple to show up on the mat each day? No! - However I always feel better for it afterwards.

The longer the 'tough stuff' isn't addressed the more deeply rooted a problem becomes, you can reach the point where you're paralysed by your own thoughts and past experiences; which can ultimately lead to a stunt in your personal growth.

Thank you for sparking these thoughts.

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