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Bringing People Together and Yoga to Life

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Have you been searching for something extra to ignite your practice on and off the mat?


  • You are looking for a platform to give you the tools for lasting positive change in your life, then Yoga Philosophy Corner is for you!

  • You’ve heard that there is more to yoga than just poses, but you’re left wondering what that is.  

  • You may have also heard that yoga can benefit you in everyday life, but wonder how can yoga poses be of any benefit when negotiating with your toddler or coping with an uncomfortable topic of discussion at a dinner party?  Would striking a powerful Warrior 2 in that moment really help you in any of those situations? Probably not, although it might put a halt to that conversation! Ha ha.

  • You came to yoga because you were searching for something more and you have found yourself unable to find the information you want short of taking a lengthy and expensive teacher training.  More often than not, nowadays, yoga classes focus on the achievement of poses with a light sprinkling of yoga philosophy and this has left you wanting more.

  • You are interested in the teachings of yoga without the poses.  Contrary to popular belief, yoga wasn’t originally designed to be a physical practice on a mat and you can have a full and meaningful practice without practicing one single yoga pose.

  • You are longing for belonging.  You are keen to become part of a supportive community of like minded folk where you can discuss and share yoga at depth much more than you would be able to during your weekly studio class.


  • You could draw on the teachings of yoga to navigate life’s twists, turns, ups and downs?  

  • You had the tools to help you compose yourself when your toddler is acting out in public despite the looks of disapproval all around you.

  • You could manage feelings of frustration and the urge to argue, or FIGHT, with the dinner party guest from hell helping you converse with grace and dignity .

  • You felt more content being able to accept the unpredictability of life and deal with the discomfort of what's happening around you, rather than constantly zone out by entering FLIGHT mode with habitual distractions eg excessive exercise.

  • You were aware when you enter FREEZE mode when faced with a daunting task or project and your awareness helped you find ways in which to move forward and get moving.

  • You could show yourself and others more compassion, viewing life through a different vantage point.

  • You became aware of your unhelpful repeating patterns or behaviours and were able to get yourself out of those grooves.

  • You understood that there's no such thing as perfection and that you will not be your best self at all times.  This might mean that you do occasionally lose your temper with others or react unskilfully during an uncomfortable conversation.  How would it feel if you could be more compassionate towards yourself when you make a mistake, be able to say sorry and be aware when you are listening to that overly critical voice on repeat.  


I have spent the last 4 years studying yoga philosophy at depth and I can tell you the teachings have brought real lasting change to my life.  Life isn’t perfect and most of it is out of our control and that’s OK, I have come to terms with this (most of the time) through learning and applying yoga philosophy to my life in everyday situations.


If it worked for me and others,  I know you will benefit from it too!

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YOGA PHILOSOPHY CORNER is a brand new online programme designed to give you an understanding of key elements of yoga philosophy and of the tools yoga has to offer to help you fill yoga skills gap and navigate life’s twists and turns.


Over a 3 month period with a small group of like minded individuals you will set off on an exploration of yoga and its teachings.  


What’s sets this program apart from other yoga programmes is that no mat is required.  The program is based on discussion and the sharing of ideas. However, if you have a mat practice this program can only enhance your asana practice.


You will be learning the beautiful compassionate philosophy of yoga and how you can apply it to your life to make lasting positive change.  You will be able to share your learning and experiences with the community, supporting and inspiring each other to apply yoga to everyday situations.


You will have the opportunity to compare how you move life at the beginning and the end of the program. I know you will benefit from applying some of the key elements of yoga to your everyday life!


The programme will cover key elements of The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras to support the most common obstacles we find in our way:  ​FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE

When do you find yourself in one of these states and how can the teachings of yoga philosophy support you in managing them?  This will include:

What is Yoga?  What is its purpose?

Karma, Samkara, the Kleshas


Everyday  Yoga Techniques and applications.

And much, much more!!


You will receive a hand out for the session at the beginning of each month outlining the philosophical concepts of the month.  You will then receive follow up emails with prompts on how you might apply the philosophy throughout the month.  The last session of the month will be an open discussion session where you can share experiences and points of view.  



ONLINE (Zoom) - If you can’t make it live, the recording link will be sent to you after the session and you will have access to the content forever.  There will also be a Private ONLINE Community contained securely within my website where we can chat, share experiences and ideas in between sessions. No Social Media account necessary!



The program will run August, September and October. Meeting on the first and last Friday of each month.


DATES AND TIMES (All times are UK Time)

Session 1: Sat 24th August 2024, 11AM-1PM

Session 2: SAT 31st August 2024, 11AM-1PM

Session 3: SAT 7th Sept 2024, 11AM-1PM

Session 4: SAT 28th Sept 2024, 11AM-1PM

Session 5: SAT 5th October 2024, 11AM-1PM

Session 6: SAT 26th October 2024, 11AM-1PM



£300.  Available as a payment plan. 3 monthly payments of £100.

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